In this new generation, the craze of rape has been increasing day by day, and therefore the craze of rappers. In this music industry, the rappers are kind of leading it, because of the taste of the new generation. Therefore if you are a Gen-Z generation you must be aware of the name Bad Bunny the rapper. So in this article, we are going to talk about who the bad bunny is. And what does he earn? What is his net worth? Is he in a relationship? How has he started his career? What are his likes and dislikes? We would be covering all interesting facts about Bad Bunny in his life story here.

Bad Bunny

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Bad Bunny Birth

The real name of Bad Bunny is Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio. He was brought into the world on the 10th of July in 1994. He is a Puerto Rican Rapper, musician, vocalist, and infrequently proficient wrestler as well as a record maker. His music career has elements of various genres but he primarily defines his music as Latin trap and Reggaeton. He contains genres such as Latin pop, Latin Hip Hop, etc. 

Early Life

Bad Bunny was brought up in Almirante Sur Barrio of VEGA BAJA, PUERTO RICO. His dad’s name is Tito Martinez and he was a transporter. His mom’s name is Lysaurie Ocasio, and he is a retired teacher. Music has been their favorite from the very beginning.

In his family, his father and mother really liked listening to Salsa, Pop ballads, and much more. Along with them, he has two younger brothers, Bernie and Bysael. Bunny always liked to be at home. He says home is where he belongs, for him his family is very important. 

Bunny is a religious person. In his childhood, along with his mother, he has been visiting the church. Till age 13, he used to sing church choir with his mother. After that, because of music, he developed an interest in other kinds of music. He heard some artists on the radio and got interested in them, such as Daddy Yankee and Hector Lavoe. 

Bad Bunny Stage Name

Well, you must be thinking what stage name is this, Bad Bunny? Well, it turns out it is funny but it has some kind of story. The stage name came originally from Bad Bunny being angry as well as sad because in his childhood he was forced to wear a Bunny costume. This pissed him so much that he decided to get over it and therefore kept his name Bunny.

Bad Bunny Career

At the age of 14, he started writing his own interpretations but he decided to publish his songs with the help of SoundCloud in 2013. That included ‘Get’. later on in 2014, ‘Tentacion’ and in 2015, ‘Just let me know’. 

In 2016, DJ Luian caught his eyes on Bunny’s ‘Diles’ and then signed him to record his label. Later on his song ‘Soy Peor’ reached the top 19 on the list of hot Latin songs chart. In 2017, Bad Bunny reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot Latin Chart with his collaboration with Karol G with ‘Ahora Me Llama’.

In 2017, Bad Bunny started signing a booking deal with many other marketing networks. Later this year, he hosted the first Spanish show of ‘Beats 1’s’, named ‘Trap Kingz’. Along with Ozuna and Nicky Jam, the remix ‘Te Bonte’ reached the number one position on the hot Latin songs chart. 

In 2018, the American rapper Cardi B teamed up with Bad Bunny and J Balvin delivered ‘I like it’. After that Terrible Rabbit likewise delivered Mia with Aubrey Drake Graham and scored the number five position on the Billboard Hot 100.

Debut Album

In 2018, Bad Bunny released his debut album named ‘ X 100pre’, it was on the occasion of Christmas Eve on ‘Rimas Entertainment’. He was praised by many of the big musicians and rappers. This was his amazing work that got voted 447th position in the 500 Greatest Albums of all time by Rolling Stone. 

In 2019, Bad Bunny released another work named, Oasis. It was a collection of eight songs with the collaboration of J Balvin. And this album was so good that it secured the 9th position on the Hot 100 Billboard. Along with this, Oasis topped the first position on the Billboard of the US Latin Albums chart. Later on this year, he along with Residente released ‘Afilando Los Cuchillos’.

Guest Performer

In 2020, he was invited to a very popular show. The name of the show is  ‘Super Bowl LIV Halftime’.Bad Bunny has a guest appearance on the show featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Later on, he released a music album named YHLQMDLG. This music album was released on 29th of February which is leap day. He announced about this music album in a show The Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon.

The full form of the title or the title ‘YHLQMDLG’ stands for ‘YO HOGA LO QUE ME DA LA GANA’ which if we translate in English means ‘ I do what I want’. And not so surprisingly the album YHLQMDLG secured position second on the US billboard. The album was praised by everyone, especially the diversity in it because many artists such as Daddy Yankee, Jowell and Randy, and Nengo Flow were also collaborating on this album. 

The lead single of this album was ‘VETE’ and similarly many more singles as well. 

Music Album

Later on, Bad Bunny released a music album in which he performs in Drag. It was the video for ‘Yo Perreo Sola’. And it was in the top position on the Billboard Latin Airplay.

After this, during covid, he released the song ‘EN Casita’ to express solidarity with the people who were in quarantine. Then he released his first compilation of songs ‘LAS QUE NO IBAN A SALIR’. 

In 2020, Bad Bunny was the first man to appear on the cover page of the magazine apart from Hugh Hefner. Even after this, he released many singles that topped the Billboard chart. His other studio album was released. The name of the album was ‘EL ULTIMO TOUR DEL MUNDO’. it was the first all-studio album to reach the first position on the Billboard 200. 

Bad Bunny Awards

Bad Bunny was awarded with Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop or Urban Album for his album ‘YHLQMDLG’ at the 63rd Annual Grammy Award. It was the top streaming album on Spotify. These were his starting and even after this he has released many songs and albums and whatnot, all of them are in great demand. 

In 2022, Bad Bunny opted as a lead for EL MUERTO, it is a film set in the Spider-Man universe of Sony. Later this year, he began his craziest concert tour. He has earned more than 250 million Dollars.

Recently, he released his first solo single of the year named ‘Where She Goes’. It is a beautiful song and we know that there are many more to come. Just wait and watch. Also, I am excited. 

Bad Bunny Net Worth

How much is Bad Bunny worth? How much money does Bad Bunny have? is Bad Bunny a billionaire? Many of his fans have such questions in mind. Bad Bunny has gained a lot of popularity and fame in recent years. He has done world tours because of his success. So the obvious question is what his net worth is? 

 Bad Bunny’s total assets is around 20 million Bucks at starting 2022. He is procuring generally from his music vocation, like selling collections, income from the visits, bargain supports, and that’s what things like.You can easily find his songs on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and significantly more.Therefore they too are his income sources. 

Apart from his music career, Bad Bunny has a partnership with many of the major brands such as Cheetos, Adidas, Corona, etc. he has also recently starred in an ad for Pepsi, it was a commercial shoot and Bad Bunny has left his mark in that as well. 

Bad Bunny in WWE Wrestling

Bad Bunny is also a WWE wrestler. Just by appearance, he earns more than 100000 dollars. He won a battle against the wrestler Damian Priest. 

Bad Bunny wears many hats. Apart from being an artist, he has also trying his hand in the field of acting. Recently he has acted in the ‘Bullet Train. His debut was on Netflix’s NARCOS: MEXICO. And as I have mentioned earlier, he has been working and starring in EL MUERTO. 

This is not enough; Bad Bunny is a co-owner of the basketball team of Puerto Rican with name ‘LOS CANGREJEROS’.

Recently, in 2022, Bad Bunny launched a restaurant. It is a Japanese culture’s inspired steakhouse in Miami. He has done this along with an entrepreneur named ‘David Grutman’.

Along with all these income sources, Bad Bunny has a house worth 8 million Dollars in Los Angeles. It’s a huge house and captured 7000 square feet of land. Luxury cars are his love. He has many luxurious cars like Bugatti Chiron Sport 110 Ans, BMW, Mercedes, G wagon, Rolls Royce, and many more. 

Personal Life

Bad Bunny met a Jewelry designer in 2017 when he was having dinner with his family. The name of the designer is ‘Gabriela Berlingeri’. They both began dating soon after. It was a secret relationship till 2020. In early 2023, he was dating Kendall Jenner. 

Bad Bunny Physical Appearance

Bad Bunny is now 28 years old. The height of Bad Bunny is about 180 centimeters and he is 5 ’10 inches. His weight is  around 75 kg  which is 165 lbs. in pounds. His eyes are black and so is his hair color. He follows the Christian religion. The Bad Bunny zodiac sign is Pisces. He is currently not married and he is heterosexual. 

To Sum Up 

Bad Bunny is a really famous artist. He has done all of this by himself. Bunny is an inspiration for those who want to fulfill their dreams. He created sensation through his works the youth of this time. Bad Bunny has won many prizes and I am very sure that he will win more. He is climbing the stairs of success and we really wish he does upward. 

I hope you got all that you were looking for. We have tried and collected all the information that we could on Bad Bunny. Do let us know if we have missed any other thing about him and comment on that. 

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