Meet Brooklyn Sudano, Donna Summer’s Daughter

Brooklyn Sudano, Donna Summer’s Daughter

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Today is a sad day for Donna Summer’s daughter Brooklyn Sudano. Her mother, the legendary Queen of Disco, passed away at the age of 63 from a battle with cancer. Many didn’t know about Donna’s sickness because her family wanted to make sure they kept it under wraps and Donna obviously didn’t want the world to know. And that’s okay but we will always remember her for her music and perfecting her craft.

Brooklyn’s father is Bruce Sudano, Donna’s second husband. She also has a sister named Amanda Sudano and a half sister named Mimi Sommer who was the product of Donna and her first husband Helmut Sommer.

You can about imagine the crazy busy life she lived being the daughter of the Queen of Disco but Brooklyn too acquired the entertainment industry bug. At a very young age she performed in musicals and avidly participated in theater. She attended Vanderbuit University for awhile before she decided to go to the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York city. Brooklyn played Vanessa Scott (Junior’s girlfriend) on My Wife and Kids and starred in the film adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ novel Rain. She also did some modeling and she is working on her own album.

Sudano not only lived in Thousands Oaks, California, but it was in the 1990′s when she and her family moved to Nashville. In tribute to her love for her daughter, Donna featured Brooklyn in the song “Brooklyn” which is on the “I’m a Rainbow” album.

Brooklyn currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband Mike McGlaflin.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Brooklyn as she grieves her mother, the legendary Donna Summer.

Leave your condolences for Brooklyn on her Twitter here. For more on Brooklyn’s career, you can go here.


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