CELEBRITY FASHION TRENDS: Out of Print Clothing in VOGUE’S Recent Issue that Covers a Story on Keith Richard’s Family & His Love of Introducing Books to his Grandchildren

Keith Richard’s Family

Above, Orson at twelve years old, son of Marlon whom is Keith’s eldest child, wearing an Out of Print t-shirt with the legendary book cover, Lord of the Flies, a story about a group of British boys stuck on an uninhabited island.

VOGUE’S recent issue covers a story on Rolling Stone’s, Keith Richards, and his family vacation traditions. Mr. Richard’s wife, Patti Hansen, stated, “Keith likes to spend time with his grandchildren and he has “grown into” the babies but he really loves when he can chat with the kids and introduce them to books and reading.”

Who knew Mr. Richards had such a soft heart! Cute.

Keith Richard’s Family


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