Country Singing Star Lisa Matassa is joining forces with Sidewalk Angels Foundation, established by Rob Thomas, Lead Singer of Matchbox 20, to help fund research for autism.  Matassa’s goal is to bring more awareness and understanding about the increasingly prevalent affliction.

Matassa, fresh off her new CD released last month, has taken up the cause partly due to her nephew being autistic.  Listen to her music video below

Twelve-year-old Joseph Allocco has autism and cerebral palsy, and he’s the son of Matassa’s brother, who along with his wife are very active in events and organizations devoted to raising funds and awareness about autism, which is sadly increasing in its prevalence among America’s children.

Matassa, from Long Island, NY, is getting involved as well, most prominently by donating time and money to the Sidewalk Angels Foundation, a New York-based non-profit that dedicates itself to providing funds to help fight a variety of childhood illnesses and diseases. The Sidewalk Angels Foundation also is heavily involved in combating homelessness and providing help in animal shelters and rescues.

Matassa is also a wife and the mother of two teenagers.

“I feel like I have unfinished business to do, both in music and in life,” Matassa says of her work for the Foundation and the release of her new CD.  Known as dance-rock princess “Lysa Lynn” in the 1980s, Matassa is now creating a buzz with her “Long Island Country” sound.

But her music is just a part of who she is. Matassa’s involvement with the Sidewalk Angels Foundation is proof of that, along with her being a full-time wife and mom.

“My nephew is a hero to me,” she says of Joseph, who despite his setbacks maintains an amazingly positive attitude.

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