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At least one noted football expert and historian of the National Football League says the 2011 season is in grave danger, and likely won’t be played.

John Greenburg, sports historian and author of “The Grand Old Man: Amos Alonzo Stagg,” has spent countless hours researching great sports notables, sporting events and other historic information. It’s his experience and intuition that causes Greenburg to say that fans of the NFL might want to go elsewhere for their football fix this fall.

The league is currently in a lockout after the expiration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) on March 11.

Greenburg has spent countless hours with NFL players, past and present, and offers a unique historical perspective on the current, dire labor situation.

“This is a divorce, essentially,” Greenburg says of the stalemate between players and owners. “A nasty one. It could end professional football as we know it.”

Greenburg says that there’s a “very good chance” that there won’t be any pro football in 2011, a prospect that has many fans and others connected to the game on pins and needles.

“You have to realize that the NFL isn’t just a sport, it’s an entertainment giant,” Greenburg says. “It’s a multi-billion dollar business. Neither side wants to feel like it lost, when the money is this steep.”

Greenburg even says that the much awaited April 6 court date to determine the legality of the owners’ lockout against the players “won’t amount to much of anything.”

“I don’t think either side really wants to talk,” Greenburg says.

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