Paris Hilton Finds New Sport In Bodybuilding

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has taken up bodybuilding – and this should be perfect for her since bodybuilding is the ultimate narcissistic adventure.

Paris showed off a larger, more muscular figure when she strolled down the catwalk at a Brazilian fashion show last week is inspired by her fitness fanatic boyfriend Cy Waits and is apparently now on a 3,500 calorie per day diet to keep her energy levels up for her intense workouts.

A friend Paris’ told Grazia magazine: “Paris has always preferred to stick to dieting all the time to maintain her figure.  But since she’s been dating Cy, she’s got the bug. It’s a massive turnaround and now she’s working out so much that she’s often been seen on the treadmill drinking a milkshake.”

Paris’ new daily exercise routine – which includes weight training and running on the beach means she can once again indulge in her favourite fast food treats.

Her friend said: “Paris has always loved junk food, but before she started working out to this extent, she had to deny her cravings. Now she feels she can indulge once in a while, as she’s burning so many calories.”

The unnamed friend continued: “She wants to change her image and get properly healthy. At first she was unsure and it took some getting used to, but now Paris loves her new body. And Cy loves it too – he’s always talking about how hot and gorgeous she is.”

Flattery will get you everywhere, to Paris at least.


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