Surprise Reunion For Justin Beiber

Justin Beiber

A surprise reunion was waiting for Justin Beiber when he appeared on the MTV show ‘The Seven’ on Friday – network bosses flew his best friends from Ontario, Canada to New York for a get together.

The pop star complains about not being able to spend time with his childhood pals Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers in his upcoming movie ‘Never Say Never’ and so MTV bosses decided to give the trio an opportunity to hang out above Times Square, which was packed with hundreds of Bieber fans.

Justin greeted his friends with warm embraces and then explained he was upset with them because they didn’t want to video conference him the night before.
He said, “I was on videochat and I was, like, trying to videochat them and he (Somers) declined me… He said, ‘I’m not allowed to be on my computer’… You’re a jerk!”

Well hopefully the trio can make up for lost time – and maybe the Beiber can hook up his buddies with some hot dates!


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