The Official Swag for Team USA

O.C. Tanner Olympic athlete Rings 2012

Taking home the bronze, silver or gold isn’t the only way U.S. Olympians are scoring big at this year’s games. Before hitting the pool, court or track, each Olympian representing Team USA was gifted with over 100 items including clothing, sunglasses, hats, shoes and jewelry from Ralph Lauren, Nike, Oakley, P&G, Omega and O.C. Tanner. Looks like they’ll be checking an extra bag when they return home from the games!

Here’s a quick look into some of the perks of being a U.S. Olympic athlete:

Olympic Style

Oakley’s custom eyewear facility stocks more than 67,000 parts for all of Oakley’s products and Olympians can build their own sunglasses reflecting the colors of their home country with dozens of colors, styles, and lenses available.

Olympic Beauty

P&G keeps Olympians looking their best with beauty treatments from international experts flown into London for the duration of the games. Treatments available include professional haircuts and color, party styling, makeup and patriotic nail styling and facials! Over the course of the game, P&G will offer up 25,000 treatments keeping all of America’s favorite athletes looking their best as they perform their best.

Olympic Gold

While sometimes even the best Olympians don’t end up on the podium, they all can take home the gold with a commemorative 14K gold ring. O.C. Tanner, the designer and donor, of the rings for the U.S. Olympic Teams (photos attached), presented each U.S. athlete, including fan favorites Cullen Jones, Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin and Ryan Lochte, with their very own gold bling to recognize all the hard work they put in to make it to the Olympics. Athletes can personalize the ring with their name, add custom engraving to reflect their medal wins and upgrade their ring by adding diamonds or a special finish.

*Michael Phelps opted for a 14K white gold ring surrounded with diamonds and engraved “Phelps”

*Ryan Lochte requested a 14K gold ring surrounded with diamonds and engraved “Lochte”

*Missy Franklin went the simple route with a 14K gold ring and engraved “Franklin”

*Cullen Jones went for a 14K white gold ring surrounded with diamonds and engraved “Jones41″

*LoLo Jones requested a 10K white gold ring surrounded with diamonds and engraved “LoLo Jones”

Yes, even athletes get swag!


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