Michelle Mylett is a well-known Beijing native with outstanding performance in TV serials and movies. She owned popular projects with a number of them. Michelle is recognized for his sarcasm in the comedy series known as Letter Kenny. The character she played, Katy, was cherished by many. She has worked in many great films and web series that made her the favorite actress of many fans all around the world. Through her talent and enthusiasm, he has made great success at a very young age.  

Michelle Mylett

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Michelle Mylett Early Life and Education

Michelle Mylett was born on 4th January 1989, in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada. She has a younger sister, Mikayla Mary Mylett and an older brother, Patrick. Growing up, she chose to make her career in acting as she was interested in doing so. As a child, Michelle’s devotion to acting was visible, and she made the decision to refine her talents by attending an acting institution and simultaneously taking part in local acting.

Completely prepared, Michelle rolled her dice by moving to the city of Toronto and pursuing an acting profession. Toronto’s vibrant entertainment scene offered her numerous opportunities to audition and build connections within the industry. Michelle’s hard work and dedication towards her work made her appearance in many popular films and television shows.

Michelle Mylett Breaking into the Entertainment Industry

Michelle started her career in the entertainment industry as one of the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League’s cheerleaders, her first work after finishing high school. Her first acting role came in 2010 when she appeared in  ‘Lost Girl’. 

Michelle Mylett started getting the popularity of the television series “Letterkenny.” Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney, creators of “Letterkenny,” created the comedy series that talks about the interesting lives of the characters living in a small Canadian town. Her role as Wayne’s sister, the younger one, named Katy was portrayed by Michelle Mylett. Her character was someone smart and had a sure tongue; to play the part, she got rave reviews and a quick acceptance as the audience’s favorite person because of it.

“Letterkenny” became an explosive success both at home and abroad, giving rise to a strong army of fans. The demonstration of the aforementioned made-in-Canada show boosted Michelle Mylett’s career, turning her into an aspiring actress. In existence, her ability to read the comedy narrative and sprinkle it with her unique sense of humor not only attracted the viewer’s attention but also made her a favorite part of the film.

Michelle as an actor has also featured herself in significant supporting roles in “Bad Blood” and “Four in the Morning” TV series. With her talent in switching effortlessly between playing comic and dramatic scenes, she can impose her versatility as an actress. 

Venturing into Films

In addition to her success on the small screen, Michelle Mylett has ventured into the world of film. She has showcased her talent on a larger stage by being a part of several movies. She landed one of her prominent film roles in the horror-thriller “The Drownsman,” playing the lead character, Madison. Michelle also appeared in ‘She Stoops to Conquer’. Critics praised her performance for its intensity and the depth she brought to the role.

The beautiful actress had supporting roles in the TV series ‘The Strain’, ‘Ascension’, and ‘Antisocial’ at this time, and she also starred in ‘Antisocial  2’ in 2015. She’s landed roles in movies too since 2016, such as ‘Buckout Road’, ‘5 Films about Technology’, ‘El Camino Christmas’ and ‘Goliath’.

Another noteworthy film project for Michelle was “El Camino Christmas,” a comedy-drama that featured an ensemble cast. Her role as Kate Daniels, a strong-willed journalist, allowed her to demonstrate her acting range beyond the comedic realm.

Michelle Mylett Net worth

There is a logical explanation behind the popularity of Michelle Mylett. It is not only the skills but also the money coming from them. Her reputation now stretches almost 10 years backed by a strong presence not only in the small screen but also in the film industry.

One of the industries where success equates to an equal relationship with big money is showbiz. Michelle Mylett has enough considerable financial success of her own to line up with this tendency by reaping a high annual income above $90,000 as a result of her roles in different TV shows and movies.

As of early 2020, Mylett’s financial journey had led her to an estimated net worth of nearly $1 million. This milestone is a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft and her ability to secure significant roles in the industry.

Furthermore, with Mylett’s continued dedication to her work, it’s reasonable to anticipate that her income and net worth are on an upward trajectory, poised to reach new heights in the years ahead. Her financial success mirrors her rising star status in the world of entertainment”.

Michelle Mylett Physical Appearances

The star sign of the actress is Capricorn, indicating her willfulness and motivation that served as the cornerstone of success in the field of entertainment.

Amazingly brown eyes and shining brown hair are the main key attractions to her spectacular looks. Not only that but standing up straight at 5 feet 6 inches, she also has a normal weight of 57 kgs (approximately 125 pounds) which looks pretty and her charms demand the attention of the world on and off the screen.

Originating from Canada with pride, Michelle Mylett is an actress who represents the varying kinds of talent coming from her country. Her Caucasian ethnicity mirrors the multicultural landscape of her homeland.

Her shoe size is a modest 7 in US sizing, fitting her perfectly as she strides through her multifaceted career.

Personal Brand and Impact

The fast progression of Michelle Mylett from an unknown actress to a big star is based on her talent. It is also because her charisma and natural character which fill the scenes with family and friendship. With the confidence provided by the social media club, she is always with her fans helping them with her whole life including her projects and some important moments. Out of the entire lot of true stories, there is this concept of love between her and the viewers, due to the unique personal interaction with the count.

Furthermore, Michelle’s dedication to her craft is amazing. She has ability to take on diverse roles have made her a role model for aspiring actors. She proves that with hard work, talent, and determination, one can achieve success in the competitive world of entertainment.


Mylett is dating Jesse Antler, a man that she has been with for more than two years. Antler doesn’t seem to be very popular. Judging by the pictures shared on social media by the couple, they appear to be happy together. Currently, she lives in Toronto, Canada, where she stays active towards her career.

Looking Ahead

Michele Mylett’s trajectory traces to the highest-priority ones to her fans, and her future projects still garner enthusiasm. With her skills and malleability, this viewpoint has no loopholes. Same way her contribution to her fans is also going to be significant in television and film. Her moving story starts from coming from a small town in Ladysmith and then on world stage. It surely proves as her bold sign of doing whatever she loves and still being her true self.

Michelle Mylett’s success story in the entertainment industry has been phenomenal. From her early days in Ladysmith to starring in the popular show “Letterkenny” and then making her journey into the big screen, this actress showed her amazing capabilities as she grew up so fast into a star. There are still tons of great things to come for Michelle Mylett. There will be lots of entertainment and wonder for a lot of years to come in her future.

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