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Who is not familiar with Mr bean? Well if you are one of the 90s kids you must have grown up while watching Mr Bean or most likely you have come across Mr Bean as a cartoon or film. He is a comedy character from Britain. Well after seeing him in all those films somehow it is not possible for us to imagine him raising his family right but he has a real life and family. He is linked to Isla Atkinson. So in this article, we would be letting you know who she is. And how she is related or linked with Mr. Bean or Rowan Atkinson. 


Isla Atkinson, She Is A Celebrity Kid. Isla Is Known For Being The Daughter Of Famous English Comedian Writer And Actor Rowan Atkinson. He Is Popularly Known As Mr Bean.


Isla Atkinson was born in December 2017 in the United Kingdom. As of 2023, she will turn just 5 years old. Isla is British, her nationality is British and white ethnicity. In North London (United Kingdom) she lives with her parents. She is often hidden from LimeLight as her parents don’t like her to be in the public’s eyes. That is the reason there are not many pictures of her on the internet. 

Her Family 

1. Father

Isla Atkinson’s father is a famous comedy character. His name is Rowan Atkinson and he is widely known as Mr Bean. Her father is 68 years old as of 2023. He was born on January 6, 1955. Rowan was all doing his work but in 1979 he developed himself as a very famous writer as well as a performer in one of the beautiful series of comic gentle titled ‘The Atkinson people’, especially for the radio 3 of BBC. He has done many works and gained name and fame. 

He loves his daughter so much that, after her birth, the famous Mr. Bean finally decided to take a break from his forte, that is, comedy. He wanted to look after his daughter. He also wanted to boost his wife’s acting career therefore he decided to take the responsibilities of his child. As Mr. Bean, he has gained a lot of fame, he made us laugh, and he made us cry, as a child I have always loved him and I still do, I guess we all do. Whenever we hear the word Mr. Bean we can immediately have his picture. 

2. Mother

Isla’s mother’s name is Louise Ford. She is also a very popular comedian and actor. Louise was born in 1980. She got famous because of a comedy series named ‘crashing’ that she did in 2016 as a character named Kate. Even before that in 2012, she got fame as Jane in a sports drama named ‘fast girls’. She and her husband made their relationship public after starring 2012 in Quartermane’s Terms in 2014. 

3. Isla’s half-siblings 

Isla has two half-siblings. It is kind of fun having siblings. Her siblings are from her father Mr Bean’s marriage with Sunetra Sastry. She is an ex-wife of Rowan. The eldest half siblings name is Benjamin Atkinson he was born in 1993. Benjamin’s mother is of mixed ethnicity because Sunetra is not fully British; she is half or partially Indian. 

Another half-sibling’s name is Lily Grace Sastry. She is the first daughter and was born in 1995. Lily is very talented, she has many skills. She can dance, she is a very good actor, she is a very good magician and there is much more.  

Isla’s life is surrounded by so many talented people that I assume that in later years she will be also developing so many skills. 

Isla Atkinson’s Net Worth 

Well, what can you expect from a 5-year-old girl to make? We have an idea about Rowan Atkinson’s net worth which is around 150 million dollars but we have no idea the individual net worth of Isla Atkinson. She is just five! come on. 

But she will be earning soon this is what I think. She already has everything she needs that is in abundance. Isla now lives in a huge mansion which is located in Ipsen. Apart from that she has not faced any scarcity. And what a five-year-old will aspire to.

She is getting food, she is getting love, she is getting attention even her father decided to take a break from his career to give all of his attention to his little daughter, what else mean right now? Therefore we have no idea what her wealth is or net worth is. But what we do know is that she is a star kid and therefore she will be earning very soon. (Maybe even before You and me)

Isla Atkinson’s Nickname

Rowan Atkinson calls her little daughter ‘Baby Bean’. Because why not? He adores his daughter and loves her the most and therefore in order to show how much love he does he has taken a name that is only connected with his personality which is ‘Mr Bean’ therefore he calls her little daughter Baby Bean. 

Social Media Of Isla Atkinson 

Well, Isla Is Not On Any Social Media. She Is Too Young To Be A Part Of This Chaos. Though There Are Many And Several Accounts That Have Been Created In Her Name But They Are All Her Fan Pages, I Believe. Hera Parents Are Very Protective Towards Her. Therefore She Is Not On Any Social Media. She is just five, so I believe she is not able to handle all this therefore it has not been created yet. But soon there will be. 

Isla Atkinson’s Influence On Her Father 

According to some sources, the famous Mr. Bean, the iconic comedian, wants to stay at home happily. He has worked for so many years in the industry and has given so much and now he wants to take a career break. He said, “I am going to take care of the baby bean while Louise has the chance to concentrate on acting.”

Rowan’s statement definitely shocked all of his fans across the world. This is like an official retirement for which the inner child in me is not ready yet. He loves her daughter to the utmost and wants to spend as much time as possible with Isla Atkinson. 

Isla Atkinson’s description 

Is life just a child but it is estimated that she is 3 feet tall. Her eyes are beautiful and blue in color. She has blonde hair. It is said that she is extremely cute and charming. That we expect from a five-year-old child.

Sum up

Isla Atkinson is just a child and therefore not much information is there regarding her. But soon there will be once she steps her feet in the industry. She is for now having a really good time with her family members and parents. Though to see her get successful we might have to wait a little. 

Tell us what you think she will pursue while growing up. Do you think she too will join the industry like her parents have, or she will go into sports or anything else? Do let us know what you think about her future destination. 

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