Who Is Joya Tillem

Joya Tillem was born in America and stayed there. She is an astounding specialist and was brought into the world on the fourteenth of May in 1970 in California, US. She is a specialist and she is mostly famous for being the spouse of a Hollywood entertainer, actor as well as director Jon Favreau. Although she gained popularity mostly because of his relationship status, apart from that she is a very renowned doctor too. She is very successful in her field. She became a topic for discussion right after she started dating Jon. And since her husband’s popularity is increasing day by day that has increased her popularity too. 

Joya Tillem

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About Joya Tillem’s Family And Early Life 

Joya Tillem was born in California in 1970. Her mother’s name is Susan Tillem. She grew up in Sonoma. Joya Tillem is of blended identity as she has American ethnicity however she is Jewish. Joya Tillem got romantically  attachedd with Jon Favreau and sealed the deal with him in 2000. Beside that Joya Tillem had her kid Max Favreau on the 25th of July 2001 with Jon Favreau, Following two years, their daughter, Madeleine Favreau was brought into the world in 2003 and three years after that their ensuing young lady, Britton Rose Favreau came into this world, in 2006.

About Joya Tillem’s Early Life

 Joya Tillem is Jewish and she was brought up in a Jewish family in California, US. From an exceptionally youthful age, she was great at studies and was extremely intrigued by scholastics. Joya Tillem was an aggressive little kid who succeeded in her scholarly region. Early in life, she chose to be a specialist. To do her graduation Joya Tillem went to Georgetown College of Institute of Medication, Washington, DC.

It is a lofty college. She completed her clinical residency at Cedars-Sinai Clinical Center in Los Angeles, California. She was extremely passionate about her profession and eventually, she turned herself into an extremely effective doctor with a credible and exceptionally specific degree in inner medication. Aside from this Joya Tillem is related to numerous prestigious clinical focuses in California; ‘ RONALD REAGAN UCLA Clinical CENTER’ and the ‘CEDARS SINAI Clinical CENTER’ in Los Angeles.

About Her Husband Jon Favreau 

Jon Favreau is an American famous actor, producer, writer as well and director of the Hollywood industry, he has been working out in this industry for so long and made his own space. He has produced some marvelous movies such as ‘Iron Man One and Two’, directed ‘Jungle Book ‘, and the series of Marvel and Avengers. Joya Tillem and her husband met on the set of the most famous sitcom series FRIENDS.

From that day both liked each other and started dating. They grew with time and so did their love story and after some time on the 24th of November 2000, they decided to spend the rest of their lives together. After a year they were blessed with a son and after that two daughters.

The Net Worth Of Joya Tillem

 The net worth of Joya Tillem is around one million dollars. She is living a very good life and lifestyle. She spends her day with her career and after that with her family.

Social Media And Joya Tillem 

Joya Tillem is not available on any social media and therefore it is a little difficult to know about her and her everyday life. In many of her interviews, she has said that she doesn’t like to come out on social media and she thinks that it is annoying. Although, her husband is available on many social media platforms.

Some Interesting Facts About Joya Tillem

 Joya Tillem’s horoscope sign is Taurus. She is of mixed ethnicity which are British and Irish. Joya Tillem says that her lucky number is 9 and her lucky stone is Emerald. V follows Christianity, she is a devotee. At this point, she is 52 years of age with 5 feet 7 inch height. The color of Joya Tillem’s eyes is brown and her hair is blonde.

Joya Tillem at Present 

Joya Tillem is currently living with her family in Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles. She has made her profession in the field of medication as a Doctor. At this point, she is related to a clinical focus named Cedars Sinai Clinical Center as well as Ronald Reagan UCLA Clinical Center. Joya Tillem is a cherishing and steady spouse, she is doing astonishing in her professional as well as personal life. Medical Centre. Joya Tillem is loving and supportive She loves sports, stays busy with her duties, and therefore gives whatever time she has to her family.


Joya Tillem has set her career both as a physician and as a mother and wife. She is a hard-working woman who inspires us to be more like her, that is to be independent and self-sufficient. She has made herself a celebrity figure with her career and focus. We hope that the information that we have shared is useful and you enjoyed reading.

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