Who is Jim Tom Hedrick

Jim Tom Hedrick was a moonstone in the field of entertainment and fun industry. He is known for setting a remarkable standard when we talk about the entertainment field

Jim Tom Hedrick was born on the 25th of December 1940. He was born in North Carolina. He has always been a mysterious man and he never liked to talk about his personal life or himself much. All we know is that he has always been interested in the field of entertainment. 

In the field of entertainment, he does not need any introduction. He is known as one of the most talented “moonshiners” in the United States.

Jim Tom

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Early Life And Education

There is very little information available about the early life of Jim Tom Hedrick. Although from various sources it has been known that Jim Tom Hedrick was born in Robinson which is in North Carolina. Apart from that, there is no information available on his early childhood or his early life. Neither there is any information about him or from where he studied or how Jim Tom Hedrick studied and what he was doing in his early life. As we have mentioned earlier, he was a mysterious man.


Jim Tom Hedrick’s family comes again under the section which is unknown to the world. He was not interested in sharing any information about his family his siblings or any other part of his family. Neither Jim Tom Hedrick shared anything about his parents or wife or anything.


Jim Tom Hedrick’s relationship has been kept a secret from the world by him. He was a very private man and always believed in keeping his personal life personal. There is not much information available on the internet about him or his personal life. 


Jim Tom Hedrick started his career when he was just 15 years old. At first at the age of 15 years, he started his career by supplying sugar. He was a sugar supplier and always interested in his career and wanted to grow in this field. At the start, he was just a small piece who used to haul sugar to the national park with the help of a boat to the employers who used to operate a distillery there.

But later on, while working there Jim Tom Hedrick. Realised that he could make moonshine by his efforts. But in order to make his goal successful he worked in other fields too. Such as, he worked as a plumber, and he has also worked as an electrician as well as a radio operator. 

Moreover, his career does not stop at manual labor. He has also tried singing too. Jim Tom Hedrick launched so many country songs in order to make money.  One of his songs named ‘GOLLY THAT’S GOOD’ got a super hit too. 

So we can see that Jim Tom Hedrick was an Amazingly talented person who worked hard to establish himself.

Popular show MOONSHINERS

Jim Tom Hedrick kept his feet in success when he became a part of the very popular Discovery Channel show “MOONSHINERS”. He started working with some other moonshiners like ‘Josh Owens’, ‘Tim Smith’ and other people. Soon after that, he became a very prominent figure on TV. 

He launched a product called ‘100 Proof Unaged Rye’ and it got recognition across the United States and being that as well. 

For many years Jim Tom Hedrick was a face recognized by the show and its audience. But later on by 2016, due to some health-related issues, Jim Tom Hedrick made fewer appearances on the TV and in the show.

Net Worth Or Income

Jim Tom Hedrick has done many kinds of jobs as we have discussed above and they all have contributed to his net income. As per the estimations in 2019, Jim Tom Hedrick’s net worth was at $200,000. His income or net worth increased because of the show ‘Moonshiners’. His net worth is the testament that it endures his career as well as his success and hard work as a moonshiner.


Jim Tom Hedrick’s interests lie very much in traditions of moonshining mainly. Apart from that, he is a very good storyteller even though he likes to keep his life stories very private. Ironic. He loves his Appalachian culture. 

There is a famous catchphrase that Jim Tom Hedrick uses very often, that is, “SHINE ON!”. He also serves as a mentor for all those who have interest in moonshining. Along with all these things he loves sharing his knowledge and his ideas with the world.

Jim Tom Hedrick also has a deep appreciation for whiskeys, he enjoys a variety of flavors. 

Rumours Or Controversies

Jim Tom Hedrick was famous for the art of storytelling but he kept his life a little private by hiding information regarding his family, his parents, his wife, his siblings, and his stuff. But, he still found himself in some very crucial controversies and other details such as law enforcement officers. There were many allegations on his moonshine but no one found anything to be particular. There were investigations but they were of no use as no one could find any illegal activities in his production of moonshine. Although, he did go to jail because of his drunkenness and ‘disorderly conduct’.

Physical Features

Jim Tom Hedrick looks young even at the age of 80. His height is around 1.75 meters or we can say 5 feet 8 inches. Jim Tom Hedrick weighs around 76 kgs or we can say 167 pounds.  


Jim Tom Hedrick passed away in 2023 on the 6th of August in Robbinsville. 

He was fighting with an alien called kidney cancer. It was a tough battle to survive. According to his family members, he was fighting very hard with his life-threatening illness and went under so much treatment for a long time. 

When it was about time he got support and empathy from his fans and his family. There was an outpouring of support and love for him along with prayers. 


Jim Tom Hedrick indeed is a celebrity who is famous as well as mysterious. He has completed a journey full of life and ups and downs. Jim loved his work the most and apart from it, he made a promise to himself that whatever the cost would be he would be successful which he accomplished. He had knowledge, enthusiasm and deep knowledge about moon-shining as well as his own culture.

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