All of you must have heard the name of Jim Carrey. Well, he is one of the most amazing American actors. He has done many of the classic movies and because of all that he is still known for his roles. His movies such as ‘Dumb and Dumber’, ‘Mask’ and many more are still alive in our hearts. Because of his great acting skills as well as his personal life, he has been in great discussion and a topic of gossip for a very long time. Especially his relationship with his former wife or we can say ex-wife of Jim Carrey Melissa Womer. 

Melissa Womer - Ex-Wife Of Jim Carrey

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So in this article, we will know all about Melissa Womer and how the beautiful marriage of Melissa and Jim collapsed. Let us start with the little former life of Melissa Womer. 


Melissa Womer(ملیسا ومر) was born on the 8th of July in 1960. Her birth country is the USA. She is an American actress as well as a producer and writer. She is popular for her roles in motion pictures and for producing some amazing shows. 

Early Life

Well, Melissa was born into a very dysfunctional family. She has gone through many struggles and hard work because of her family. Even though there were so many challenges that she had to face in her early life, she still managed to flourish and overcome all of them. 

She studied at the University of Kansas, she was a very focused student and she wanted to make her own name anyhow. There she got a chance to show her skills, especially in the comedy genre. Therefore she worked as a writer for ‘Q104 radio’ and with that, she earned some money that helped her in growth. 

Melissa Womer Career

Melissa is a very enthusiastic person therefore she never left any opportunity. After graduation, she got a job as a cocktail waitress at a club named ‘Sunset Boulevard Comedy Club’. There she used to perform at open mic nights and with that, she got some chance to showcase her talent. She got some popularity from there because what she was doing she was really good at that. Therefore people liked her performances. 

Just when she realized that she can do much more with her talent she decided to do something more, something big, with all that. She was now confident enough to face the world and grab new opportunities. After that, she started giving auditions for roles in the industry.

Melissa Womer movies

In 1974, she got a role in a film named ‘Petrocelli’. This was her first movie of course but because of that, she got many other roles in different movies. Melissa soon after this movie got roles in another good movie like ‘Man on the Moon’. 

Womer has also been credited for producing some really good Hollywood shows or TV realities named, ‘Real Stories of Donut Men’ as well as ‘The Yesterday Show with John Kerwin’. She has worked really hard on herself as well as on her position. She is a very well-known figure in the entertainment industry. Melissa Womer movies are loved by people a lot.

Personal Life

The most awaited topic, for this I guess you have read all that, have not you? So let’s dive into this topic. 

Womer met Jim Carrey at a comedy store and from there only there was this attraction between them. At that time Womer was working and had two jobs, one she was working at a comedy store where Jim and they met, and the second job she had was as a masseuse at the health club. Jim at that time was struggling. He wanted a good role, fame, and of course money. He started appearing in Hollywood. It was the beginning of his career. He was an upcoming actor at that time. 

They started dating in 1986. Things were really good between them that they thought of getting married. Both thought they are perfect for each other and the chemistry between them was amazing to see. They both were in the limelight for their relationship from the very beginning.


Jim and Womer married in 1987 and till 1995 they wedded husband and wife. They married in Santa Monica; it was a private wedding in California, a US hotel. Melissa soon gave birth to a beautiful daughter Jane Erin Carrey. But sadly their beautiful marriage collapsed in 1995. Jim filed a divorce from her beautiful wife Womer. It was an eight years wedding that ended just like that. All the fans of both Jim and Womer got sad and disappointed. 

Jim said that because of his busy schedule, he had to end the wedding, it was not working and that career was the only thing that led to the end of their marriage. But another thing that was going on in the media was that he filed for a divorce because he was already seeing another beautiful actress, Lauren Holly. Jim married to her but later just within a year he even divorced her. 

Melissa said in one of her interviews that it was unbelievable for her that Jim would divorce her because everything was going well. She said that they were very close to each other. She also said that Jim and she were used to reading the divorces of other people on the internet but they never thought that they would be filing that too.

Melissa said that from struggling to achieve and getting almost all the resources, Jim and she were having no issues. Jim used to earn 150 dollars a week and she too had two jobs.  But with time they both got fame and things started changing.

Divorce suit

Later on, after the divorce Melissa filed a settlement for the divorce of 5 million dollars to 10 million dollars but she only got 3.5 million dollars. After eight years of their divorce, Melissa received another 7 million dollars from Jim for her daughter Jane. They both cared for their daughter and loved her so much besides divorce. But Melissa says that Jim hardly cared and he calls once a week even though he claims to love her daughter a lot. 

Life after Divorce

Well, Womer is an old woman now. She has always worked hard and has always been a very shy and elegant woman. After the divorce, there are no rumors of her dating anyone. She has been living a very simple and peaceful life with her daughter. She is living in New York as a single woman. 

Melissa became a grandmother in 2010 to her daughter’s son, Jackson Riley Santana. Womer has always been a very secretive person. Therefore she is not even available on any social media. She does not run after the fan following.

Melissa Womer Net Worth

Estimated Melissa Womer net worth is around 7 million Dollars. She is a wealthy woman and now maintains a very low profile.

Other Facts About Melissa Womer

Melissa is a very shy person and very secretive. We have therefore no idea about her past family members whatsoever. She is an extremely beautiful and confident woman. Her height is around 5’7 ft. and she weighs around 60kgs. Her eyes are hazel as well as beautiful blond hair. 

Womer has more than 66k Twitter followers. She is a very entertaining person and has a beautiful personality. It must be very difficult to grasp that she is now 62 years old. 

Summing Up

Melissa Womer’s life story is indeed inspiring for all of us. She is a wonderful human being and has an amazing personality. She has worked throughout her life and because of that she could become and stand among most of the beautiful and best actresses. Her fans truly wish to see her in the industry back and want her to flourish as she did in the past. But we do respect her decisions of having and keeping a low profile.

Womer always believed to stand up for herself and her rights; she never gave anyone the authority to order her or have any claim on her. Melissa is a well-dignified woman and always wanted the best for herself and her loved ones. She does not want anyone to interrupt her mental peace or her personal life and therefore she has always kept most of her cards to herself.

I hope you got what you were looking for. We tried to give all the information that we could, we hope you enjoyed reading this article. See you soon with another interesting article. :) 

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