You must know the NBA Youngboy. He is a famous American rapper. In the article, we would be sharing some details about his first son named Kayden Gaulden. He is often seen with his famous father on stage and in his Instagram lives or his posts. Kayden was also featured in some of his videos. So this article would give you some glimpse into his life, though he is not that old, he is a child but he is leaving his imprints since his birth.

Kayden Gaulden

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Kayden Gaulden was born on the 4th of July 2016. He was born in Los Angeles, United States. Kayden is currently living with his siblings and father. Kayden is of African-American ethnicity. He is the eldest son of NBA Youngboy. 

Kayden Gaulden Personal life- 

He has a cute nickname given by his family, Draco. His father is as we all know NBA Youngboy or Youngboy never broke again (a famous rapper) and his mother’s name is Nishika Keller. She is a magazine model. Gaulden has many siblings but from different mothers – Taylin, Aumani, love, Kacey, Kamron, and Kodi. 

He is often seen on stage with NBA Youngboy and also seen on his Instagram account. He appeared in Youngboys’s music video for ‘Kacey Talk’ in 2020. From birth, this cute boy has been in the limelight. He attends an elementary school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Kayden Gaulden Career Timeline- 

All though, he is too young for having a career, haha!

In 2016, through his father’s Instagram, he was presented to the world. He appeared in his father’s music video for ‘Kacey Talk’ In 2020. In 2021, he became a kindergarten student, and in 2022 he turned six. Till today he has gained so much popularity as a kid. He is known by most people. 

About Kayden Gaulden- 

He is a very jolly kind of boy. Gaulden loves his family a lot, especially his father. He mingles with all of his family members. He is a child star who has many siblings and loves them all equally. Gaulden also likes animals, he loves his family dog named Naomi. They get along with each other very well. 

His zodiac sign is cancer and his height is around 3 ‘1”. He has black eyes and the color of his hair is also black. He has very smooth skin and he has been pampered a lot by his whole family. 

We wish him all the best for the future. He indeed will be a star in this industry. He is a very smart kid and will do very well in his later life. 

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