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Who Is Nancy Shevell?

Nancy Shevell in New York City, USA on 20 November 1959As she was born in the USA, she holds American nationality. Nancy Shevell is an entrepreneur and a businesswoman. But for the public figure, she is the wife of famous English singer, and songwriter Paul McCartney.

Childhood And Education Of Nancy Shevell

Nancy was the single child of her parents Arlene and Myron. Arlene was the housewife and Myron was the founder of New England Motor Freight as part of his and his brother Shevell’s group of companies which started in 1977 and now turned out to be one of the biggest truckload carriers in the USA. Nancy’s mother died in 1991 due to cancer. According to the reports, it seems like Myron wants the son rather than the daughter. Because after her mother passed away Myron used to bring boys’ toys to Nancy such as trucks.

She plays with the toys her father used to bring for her and soon she became interested in her father’s business.  She was very active in her father’s business while doing schooling. In 1997 she enrolled in Arizona State University as she was pursuing a bachelor in transportation. She completed her degree in 1981, which was at the time considered a strange major for a girl. 

Career Beginnings

Nancy started full-time work in her father’s company and there she was learning everything about how things have to be done. In 1983, her father believed Nancy was all set for the responsibility and she took over the New England Motor Freight Company. 

Myron and his brother were still working at the company. The government conducted some investigations against the company, and it was revealed that the brothers and their company were working with the Mafia, they were accused of racketeering and of having a business relationship with Tony Provenzano, a Mafia boss who was later convicted of murder and racketeering.

After the company filed for bankruptcy on 11 February 2019, Myron’s brother committed suicide. Now Nancy became a board member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and she was invited by former governor George Pataki. 

Relationship status of Nancy Shevell

While Nancy was attending the college, she met the politician Bruce Blakeman. And after graduation the two of them got married in a small ceremony which was attended by their family and close friends. Nancy gave birth to Arlen, and after that, the couple got separated in 2008. 

Nancy met Paul, a member of the famous band The Beatles, in the Hamptons of Long Island. They both started dating each other just after few days after they met. They want to keep their relationship private but the paparazzi kept following Paul. It seems like he was spending his personal time with Nancy and they both went on vacation several times. The couple got engaged and they both tied their wedding knot in 2011 at Old Marylebone Town Hall in London, England. Nancy has to sign the agreement that she will not ask for any money if by chance the couple has to separate their ways. 

According to reports, Paul was married twice before Nancy. He married Linda Eastman in 1969 who was an American photographer and musician. Unfortunately, the marriage ended with Linda’s death in 1998. In 2002, Paul got married to Heather Mills, who is a former model and a businesswoman. But, the couple got separated in 2008. Paul is raising five children. 

Hobbies and Interests of Nancy Shevell

Nancy was very active in her college life. She used to go to the gym and play a variety of sports with her family and friends such as tennis, and soccer. In her free time, she likes to read books. 

Her main hobby is traveling. Nancy has been all around the US for work as well as for pleasure. She went to some European countries as well. 

In an interview, she stated that she loves to watch movies. Heer favorite actors are RAobbin Williams, Jhonny Depp, and Natalie Portman.

The Net Worth Of Nancy Shevell

The total net worth of Nancy is estimated at over $200 million, while Paul’s net worth is $1.2 billion.

Paul Mccartney: Who Is He?

Paul was born in Liverppol, England on 18 June 1942.  He is a singer, composer, musician and businessman among other things, best known for his that he was a member of the famous group “The Beatles”

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