Who Is Damien Musk?

Celebrity kids are born celebrities, the media are after them, magazines want them interviewed, and people want to know about them, like all the time. If the parent is the most famous personality in their field, then their children will shower with more attention. Elon Musk is the founder of Tesla and is in investing, he is the CEO of SpaceX (a private space organization). He is a worldwide famous personality and is popular for his works but sometimes his controversial speeches and activities also contribute to his global fame. Damien Musk is the fifth son of Elon Musk with his first wife, Justine Wilson.

Damien Musk

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Damien’s parents are what we call ‘public figures.’ If the parents are prominent figures, then it is close to unbelievable for the children to have hidden lives. Damien’s father, Elon Musk is one of the richest men in the world, who also keeps himself ‘the gossip topic of the public’, and his mother, Justine, is a successful author.

The Triplet Miracle

Damien Musk was born on 1 January 2006 to Elon Musk and Justine. He was a hot topic among the public and media when he was born. Why is that, some may ask? Well, the main reason is to be around the story of his birth. He is an IVF-born baby and is a triplet. He is one of triplets. Damien’s brother’s names are – Saxon Musk and Kai Musk.  

More About Damien Musk’s Personal Life

Damien is now 17 years old and is the talk of the public for obvious reasons. We don’t know what the exact reason is if it is because of his father or entirely personal interest, but Damien Musk has announced his dream of becoming a physicist. 

His short bio

  • Name- Damien Musk
  • Date of birth- 01-01-2006
  • Current age- 17 years old
  • Damien Musk’s parents- his parents are the globally famous Elon Musk and Justine Wilson.
  • Damien Musk’s Nationality- He is American
  • What’s his ethnicity – Damien is of mixed race. He is half-Canadian because of his mother and half-British and Dutch because of his father
  • Religion -. So far, he has not shown any special interest in one particular religion but on paper, he is a born Christian.
  • Relationship status- everybody wants to know who’s dating who, even if they are celebrity kids, the public wants to know about them too. However, in this case, not much reveals about his relationship status. But currently, according to the media, he is single.
  • Zodiac Sign- People born in January are Capricorns. 
  • Height- His height is around 5 feet 8 inches.

Damien Musk’s Relationship With His Parents

Elon Musk and Justine Wilson were college mates and had a nice relationship ( what some now call a friends-to-lovers trope!). They dated in college and in 2000, they got married. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last for long and for reasons still not clear, they got divorced. Keeping their personal issues aside, they agreed to keep their children their priority and wished for their children to have a healthy family experience.  They took the mature path and decided to share custody of all their five children. 

How all of this may have affected Damien is hard to say because he was a child at the time of the divorce. But things happened that may or may not have hit him such as ‘the happening dating life of Elon Musk’. After Damien’s parents separated, his father was on the news for his highly active dating life and we cannot for sure say how Damien handled such scandals. 

Elon Musk About His Children

Elon Musk does not miss any chance to talk about his children. He expresses his feelings towards his sons and daughters in his interviews if asked. Elon said that his children are always with him. He also said that his children, including Damien, are the love of his life, which obviously made us, the viewers, feel good about his parenting style.

But if one asks about his personal views of Damien regarding his relationship with his father, then there is not much to say because he has never been very open about his life with his famous parents. Elon Musk’s children have not been public about anything except Vivian Jenna Wilson. She is the only one who talked publicly about her father when she was gender-transforming and wanted to separate from Elon Musk legally. We exactly don’t know the reason for this drift but it is speculated that it happened because of Elon Musk’s unsupported behavior towards Vivian and transphobia. 

The Media Shots

Paparazzi shots and media information are the only sources that give us insights into celebrities and their children’s lives. Even though these are the only close to reliable sources we have, we should not entirely trust them. Unless it’s the statements given directly by a celebrity, we should probably be wary of blind-trusting media outlets. 

However, the media is the only platform that gives the information the public needs about popular personalities. And if we are to judge Damien and Elon Musk’s relationship quality solely based on what the media shows and says, then the relationship seems healthy and happy. The billionaire father is a regular face of the media and has been captured attending multiple events and shows. Elon Musk does not attend these events solo, he comes with his family.

He has been seen many times attending events with his children. He comes with his sons, including Damien and they pose for the camera together, happily. In 2022, Elon Musk shared a picture of him and his son Damien on his Twitter account. The photo was from their visit to Pope Francis together. 

Does Damien Musk Work?

He is famous for being Elon Musk’s son but other than that he has his own passions that he intends to follow. Damien wants to be a physicist and to follow this path, he is now working at Caltech INQNET consortium. He is said to be working there as a physics researcher. 

He has also shown interest in writing fiction and music (both listening and playing). In short, Damien Musk wants himself wrapped around the world of science and music; a good world indeed.

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