Who Was Timothy Hawking?

Timothy Hawking is the name of well well-known British Physician who is best known as the son of the Late English theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. 

Timothy Hawking

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He is Stephen’s biological son, and he adores his stepfather the most. Timothy is currently working in his father’s business. He also handles brand development, copyright protection as well and legacy management as per his LinkedIn profile. 

Early life of Timothy

He was born  in the United Kingdom 1979 on 15 April.. He belongs to the British nationality. His father was an author, cosmologist, educator, and a great scientist. The mother’s name was Jane Beryl Wilde. His mother was an English teacher as well as an author. He has two siblings named Robert Hawking and Lucy Hawking.

Education Of Timothy

Timothy completed his bachelor’s degree in Spanish and French from Exter University in England. From that point onward, he confessed to the College of Birmingham for his further investigations.

Physical Appearance of Timothy Hawking: Age, Height, Weight, Zodiac Sign:

Timothy is 44 years of age as he was brought into the world on 15 April 1979. His Zodiac sign is Aries. He is from English Identity and his religion is Christian. His height is 5 Feet 8 inches and his weight is 64 kg. He has brown hair and mesmerizing hazel eyes.

Social Media Presence of Timothy Hawking:

Timothy Hawking has a social media presence on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. On Instagram, his handle name is @timhawkinscomic with 411k followers.

Who Was Stephen Hawking?

Stephen made many contributions in terms of nature and society. He got diagnosed with cancer when he was 21 years old. Although he continued with full dedication and hard work. He works on nature and science. His relationship with his father gave him more interest in science and technology.

The Career Of Timothy Hawking

Timothy used to work as the account manager in a small business in the UK along with his studies. He received various promotions from the same company which gave him confidence and he used to work even harder after his promotion. Currently, he is working in his father’s business, as mentioned above.

He wants to become a boxer as well. He joined some of the boxing schools, but after that, he got some injuries due to which he stopped his boxing career in between.

Relationship of Timothy Hawking With His Dad

In an interview, he shared that he had a rare conversation with his dad in the early days. He did not have a proper conversation with him because of his speech problem. After years he slowly started a conversation with his dad and thus shares a special bond with him. His regular visit to his dad’s place has certainly made his father a happy man. Timothy has revealed how happy his father was when he turned 60.

In a BBC documentary, Tim disclosed that as a kid he used to play pranks on his father which included adding swear words to his speech program and using his specialized wheelchair as a go-kart. Their relationship improved with the passing years.

Love Life Of Timothy

He is focusing on his career. He is unmarried till now and has no girlfriend as per the latest reports. That’s why we have not seen him in any guidelines related to relationship status.

The Net Worth Of Timothy

The current estimated net worth of Timothy is $500,000. He is making such a huge amount by his dedication and hard work towards his work and career.

Interesting Facts about Timothy Hawking:

  • Timothy Hawking likes to spend his nights stargazing and reading about celestial bodies just like his father Stephen Hawking.
  • He likes to have fun with his friends by participating in physical activities such as playing soccer and basketball.
  • Playing video games is his favorite pastime. 
  • Timothy enjoys cooking for his loved ones and experimenting with new recipes.
  • He inclines towards arts such as playing musical instruments piano & guitar.
  • These hobbies help him to learn new things continuously and add depth to his personality.


Timothy Hawking is a British Physician. He is a role model and inspiration for many people. His journey and achievements prove that he is more than just the son of famous physician Stephen Hawking. His journey makes us believe that one can create history irrespective of his family background. Here we have shared details of his life, career, and relationship with his father. You can read this blog If you are curious to take a deep dive into his journey.     

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