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Since the very beginning, the music and entertainment industry has gone hand in hand and  Travis Bacon is one of them who is both an actor and a musician

In this article, we will be discussing all about Travis Bacon age, life, band, movies, net worth and more.

About Travis Bacon

Travis Bacon is a very popular and very renowned actor as well as a musician. He is an American and he is the son of the very famous actors named Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

Travis Bacon Age

Travis Bacon was born in Los Angeles, California on June 23, 1989. He was born a year after his parents took vows. As of now, Travis Bacon age is 31 years, but he does not look like one. 

Travis Bacon’s Education

He was interested in music and entertainment more than anything else. Though he attended college in Olympia, Washington named it “Evergreen State College”. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in audio engineering. 

Soon after that Travis Bacon decided to be a part of the entertainment industry and became a well-known figure. 

Family Of Travis Bacon

Travis Bacon belongs to a family of actors and very famous people. His father’s name is Kevin Bacon, who is also a very famous actor and a well-known musician. His mother’s name is Kyra Sedgwick, she is also one of the famous figures in the industry of entertainment as well as a director.

Kevin, his father, is famous for the work he does in the field of acting. 

Travis Bacon also has one sister named Susie Ruth. She is younger than him. Moreover, as she too belongs to a family of actors, therefore she too is an actress and well known for her film named ‘13 Reasons Why’, which is one of the most important series. He is very close to her sisters, he loves her and supports her a lot. In March, he posted some pictures with her sister on Instagram.

There is an incident about him where he was locked up by his father in a car. That was like a near-death experience. During that time he was an infant. There was a person named Samaritan, and because of that, he was rescued. The window of the car was broken by that Samaritan. 

Personal Life Or Relationship

 He is currently dating a makeup artist named Angelina Sambrotto. She is from Los Angeles as well. We get the idea of that from him only as he keeps posting their pictures together on his Instagram field. A few times back, he posted a picture of her with him wishing her a happy birthday. Moreover, he has also wished her Valentine’s Day by posting her picture on Instagram again. 

Although his fans are not very impressed by the fact that he keeps things private and does not share much information about him, they all say that he is a social media ghost. 

Travis Bacon Band, Movies and Career

 So, from the very childhood, he decided to be a part of the entertainment field. 

Travis Bacon Movies

He started his career with a role in the movie named ‘Loverboy’ as a character named Lenny in 2005. However, he realized later on that he enjoyed music more and wanted to pursue his career in that. Therefore, later he turned his career in the field of music and earned a great fame and money in this. He has a really good and successful career in the field of this.

He started his career in music by working with someone else as an assistant engineer. The name of the company he was working with was ‘The Wild Arctic’. It was a record company. Along with this company, he was working simultaneously with ‘The Acheron’; he performed there. Travis Bacon did not stop there, he started establishing his career in the other very big companies and started performing with them, such as ‘Union Hall’, ‘Club Europa’, and ‘St. Vitus Bar. 

Bacon is a member of other bands and clubs as well. One of them is ‘Idiot Box’, which is a rock-funk-punk music band. Apart from this many other groups are there as well.

Until 2015, he was a member of a very renowned heavy metal and punk-rock band named ‘White Widows Pact’, it was An amazing band and was very popular. After that, in 2016, the following year, he became a member of another music band named ‘Black-Anvil’, which was an American band; black-metal. This band formed in the year 2007 with the help and union of three members named, ‘Paul Delaney, Gary Bennett, and Ralf Glicken’. 

Travis Bacon Band

He is not just a member of many bands and groups but he owns a studio as well. Travis Bacon Band and studio name is ‘Broken Box Recording Company,’ which is a sound recording studio. This studio is located in Bushwick, New York. He is the head of many such studios.

Apart from all of these, he wanted to work with his parents therefore he also composed a track of sound for the movie named ‘Story of a Girl’. His mother directed this movie and the most important and interesting part of this is that Travis Bacon’s father and his sister starred in this movie. 

As of now, he is a member of two bands ‘Black Anvil’ and ‘Contract’.  He is also into live shows and he is planning to do them in a couple of months. He also goes on yearly shows and earns a lot from that too. 

His Physique

Travis Bacon has a really nice body structure. He is about 6 feet tall. So yes we can say that he is quite famous among looks as well. Moreover, he weighs around 75 kg. Travis Bacon’s eyes are beautiful and are brown. The color of his hair is black. MOREOVER, he likes mostly dark-colored clothes. He has a great interest in fashion and therefore all his outfits are worth looking at. He is a face of the entertainment industry and therefore it is important for him to just be there on time, perfect outfit and all that. 

Travis Bacon’s Net Worth

 As per latest or of 2023, we have the data that his net worth is about two million dollars. He has many sources of income, such as his singing career, his career as a stage performer, his career as an actor, and as a songwriter. Therefore he has many options to earn. However, if we compare his income with his father and his mother then of course he is at a lower strata. 

Sum Up

We can say that he is a rising figure and soon he will be at the top. He is a great man and always believed in working hard and honestly. His main focus is to keep the art form alive. He is a great artist and he has always desired to be in the field of art only. Life has always been in his favor for which he is grateful too.

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